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I am not sure there is a country that is a total democracy on the planet. The US is a Republic but we will explore your question. In any total democracy that country is doomed to fail and there will be no protection of the people. So let's say the US has decided to throw out the constitution and become a democracy and the country is going to decide whether to make a new constitution or continue the old one. (This is a serious topic in California)

But your question is relevant - let's play it out. The country votes on Freedom of Speech - so 100 million actually vote and they vote 60 million to 40 million - so that passes. Freedom of the Press - so 100 million vote and 30 million vote for the press but 70 million vote against the press. So now we have laws against the press. Freedom to Protest - This pisses people off so 10 million for and 90 million against - so now there can be no demonstrations. Some of you like some of you don't.

The right to bear arms - 60 million say no - and 40 million say yes - sorry guns are gone.

Income tax at 40% - 52% say yes - 48% say no - sorry people - the government will take 40% of your income.

See this is why we are a Republic - why we have an electoral college - it's basically to stop the 1% from stomping us. When your guy wins or loses be happy we have this.

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Q: In a democracy what can happen if the government fails to protect the people.?
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What types of government give people the most say and protect their rights?

A Democratic government (Democracy).

What kind of government is democracy?

democracy is a government ruled by the people.

Who controls a government in a democracy?

In a democracy, the people control the government.

Is a democratic government ever justified in using non democratic means to protect itself and ensure its survival?

All nations attempt to justify whatever it takes to protect the nation and ensure survival. That is just true about nations. But democratic governments have the added responsibility of doing so in the open and justifying their actions to the people. That it is the people who are important is what makes a democracy a democracy. In a democracy the government is not the nation, the people are the nation.

What is a government in which officials are elected by the people?

A government chosen by the people is a democracy. It is supposed to represent "By the people, for the people."

Why is there a social contract between people and government?

If you are referring to the United States, there is social contact between people and government because of our Constitution. We have a democracy form of government in which the people are freely elected to hold office which gives us a voice in the government. We are free to voice our opinions and requests directly or indirectly by our votes.

What concepts did US framers adapted from the Romans?

Government by the people. < ----correct novanet answer.

What is a government run by the people called?

A democracy.

What kind of government is a government by the people?

It a democracy

What is government by the people?


What government by the people?


What does Locke say can happen if a government fails to protect its rights of its people?

If any government abused these rights instead of protecting them then the people had the right to rebel and form a new government.