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The United States Constitution was signed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1787.

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"The City of Brotherly Love": Philadelphia.

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Q: In what city was the Constitution signed?
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City where constitution was signed?

The constitution was signed in Philidelphia, Pennsylvania on September 17, 1787.

When the constitution was signed what was the largest city?


Was the constitution in Mexico signed in Mexico City?

No. Current Mexican constitution was signed in Queretaro in February 5, 1917.

Where was the New York City constitution signed?

in kingstone

What city was the Constitution of the US signed and drafted in?

Philadelphia, PA in Independence Hall

How many individuals signed the Constitution?

39 delegates signed the US Constitution.

ABC constitution book on the letter p?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (city/state where the document was signed)Preamble (the introduction to the constitution)People (We, the people . . . opening line of the constitution)

The year of constitution was signed?

The U.S. Constitution was signed in the year 1787.

How many amendments signed the constitution?

twenty-seven amendments signed the constitution

Why was the constitution signed and written?

ben signed it

What was the first capital city before the declaration of independence was signed?

There weren't capital cities since there were no "states" until 1789 when the Constitution was signed and Washington was the first President.

How many delegates at the constitutional convention signed the US constitution?

55 signed the constitution.