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In the House of Representatives. Each state has 2 senators in the Senate but a state's representation in the House depends on the size of the population.

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Q: In which part of congress do the larger states have more power?
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What was the fear of other states in the constitution?

During the framing of the U.S. Constitution, states with smaller populations feared that states with larger populations would have more representation in Congress, and thus more power. The constitution was ratified on June 21, 1788.

What is a practical reason for the bicameral system?

The United States of America decided on a bicameral legislature mainly for the fact that it would keep the powers balanced. The threat of tyranny from a republic is just as great as one from a single despot. The bicameral system allowed for the two houses to balance the powers of government, while giving as little power possible to the executive branch for fear of kings.

Who has the power to add new states?

My name is Kevin ans I am indeed more than happy to help. I'm in 7th grade just took the Constitution Test. (Much easier than I thought) I'm going to guess that the Secretary o State might have something to do with the process of how a piece of land becomes a state in the United States. The Secretary of State deals with foreign affairs so if we want to buy land from a country they might be the ones to handle that. Only a guess.

Is proportional representation used by the House of Representatives?

Yes. As per the U.S. Constitution, the U.S. House of Representatives uses proportional representation. This means states with larger populations have more representatives in Congress.

Why is the house of representatives favored by the larger states?

The House of Representatives is favored by larger states because the number of representatives in the House for each state is decided by the states' population. This means that larger states have more representatives. Therefore, they will have more votes and a bigger influence.

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Why did large states support the Virginia plan?

The Virginia plan for the American Constitution was supported by large states because it gave them more power to elect the president. Some of these states were Pennsylvania, New York, and Massachusetts.

Who had the most power at the Articles of Confederation?

congress had the power to amend the articles of confederation

Which house of congress gives more power to states that have more population?

house of the representative

What plan that proposed congress should be given much more power over the states?

It was the Virginia Plan that proposed Congress should be given more power over the states. James Madison drafted the plan in 1787.

Would give more power to the larger states?

Virginia plan

How did the cotton gin change political power in South Carolina?

The southern states were able to grow and process more cotton with the cotton gin and the cotton that was produced was sold to England and Europe. This brought in more money to the plantations and that gave them more political power. There had always been the fear of the small states that the larger southern states would control congress and the government.

What was the key issue in ratifying the constitution around 1787?

Apportionment of representatives. Small states wanted to be represented equally in Congress as more populous states. Populous states, understandably, thought that since their population was larger, they should have more power in Congress. They eventually compromised with the bicameral (that is, two houses) Congress. The Senate gave each state equal power (2 senators per state), the House's representatives were allotted proportionally according to population.

Why was the concern about admitting Missouri as a slave state?

It would have made an imbalance in congress and that would make more slave states than free states, thus the pro slavery states would have more power in congress

Which point in the Virginia Plan was objected by supporters of the New jersey plan?

The larger states should have more representatives in Congress.

Which point in the Virginia Plan was objected to by supporters of New Jersey plan?

Larger states should have more representatives in congress.

Which point in the Virginia plan was objected to by the supporters of the New Jersey plan?

The larger states should have more representatives in Congress.

Who sets Standards for admitting new states to the union?

The Congress was given the power to admit new states, but no new state could come onto the property of an existing state, and no two states could join together to form a larger one, unless both state legislatures and Congress approve. This has been mentioned in Article IV.Go to to ask for more related questions like these.