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Raleigh Hall was originally built to provide accommodation for workers at the nearby ROF Swynnerton in the early 1940s. I believe there were 7 such accommodation halls all with names of famous British Nautical figures, during the war a number of these were taken over to accommodate US troops, however afaik Raleigh Hall continued to be occupied by the ROF workers until the end of the war. Many of these workers were women effectively 'called up' from across the UK to do war work. The work essentially involved filling shells with explosive and was therefore dangerous.

AnswerCan't tell you a great deal about the history prior to the early 60', but I was born there in 1962 (Number 4 Raliegh Hall) when GPO telephones (BT today) owned the facility and rented what was then pre-fab bungalows out to its employees, most of whom worked at the GPO Telephones Taining School at Yarnfield . By the 70's most of these people had moved out and the facility was used as a refuge facility for folk who were kicke out of Uganda. I went back there in the early 80's when it had become a industrial estate, some of the housing had been demolished, but ours (No 4) which stood at the far rear of the estate on the left (as you enter) was still there.

I was there a couple of years ago and the only building that remained from when I was a kid, is the gate house the garages, which the tenants could also rent and wht i think was the old boiler house, in the 60's there was a central boiler house that provided heating and hot water to the whole campus.

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Q: Information on Raleigh Hall Eccleshall Stafforshire?
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