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They have the least effect on the judicial branch. Judges are not permitted to discuss issues with or take favors from any others.

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Q: Interest groups have the least affect on what branch?
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Do Special interest groups have an opportunity to propose legislation for their own benefit?

In the US, at least, interest groups, like individual citizens, can encourage legislators to propose legislation for any purpose they wish. At the federal level, only a Senator or member of the House of Representatives can officially introduce a bill for Congressional consideration.

Do the special interest groups govern the US?

Yes, or at least that is what many people believe. In truth, it remains a government of the people, by the people and for the people. Voter turnout is a serious problem. The government you have is the government you failed to vote against. The government you have is the one that special interest groups bought and paid for because of your failure to vote.

What branch does voters have the least power over?

Judicial Branch

Why might one argue that interest groups have become too strong and divisive?

If interest groups gain too much power, then there are so many opposing viewpoints that progress is halted and nothing is accomplished. At least, that's the common argument. There's also the argument that interest groups are "only out for themselves" and not looking into the good of the public, but that's a weak argument because every political body, whether it's the Republicans or a third party or an interest group, is looking out only for itself. That is called politics.

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Supreme Court

What branch is the largest branch of the government?

Legislative, at least most likely

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Interest groups use propaganda to influence public opinion and shape policies in their favor. By using persuasive messaging and information, interest groups can sway people's beliefs and attitudes towards certain issues. Additionally, propaganda helps interest groups gain support and mobilize individuals to take action on their behalf.

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