Is Hanson a one hit wonder?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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heckk no.

they have other songs besides umm bop. or however you spell that

and also, btw: that song wouldn't have been as popular if it wasnt released in the 80s.


Em MMMBop was released in 1997 not in the 80's lol

But no Hanson aren't one hit wonders, they released 5 singles from their debut album Middle of Nowhere - MMMBop, Where's The Love, I Will Come To You, Weird, Thinking Of You.

Christmas 1997 they released a Christmas Album called Snowed In.

They toured the world in 1998 and released a live album called Live From Albertane.

Then in 2000 they released their second studio album This Time Aroun, and released If Only around the world, and This Time Around in America.

They then toured the USA in 2000 on the This Time Around Tour.

Following difficulties with their label Hanson broke free from IDJ and formed their own label 3CG records.

In 2004 Hanson released their 3rd studio album Underneath, and singles off that album were Penny and Me, and Lost Without Each Other.

Hanson then released a live album in 2005 called, Best of Hanson Live and Electric.

Then in 2007 Hanson releaed their 4th studio album The Walk, singles off that album were Great Divide (which was a charity single to raise money for a specialist Aids hospital in South Africa, all proceeds went to the hospital) and Go

Hanson have just completed their 5th studio album and its to be released in the Spring of 2010

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Q: Is Hanson a one hit wonder?
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