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Q: Is eggs Benedict named after Benedict Arnold?
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Who was Benedict arnolds dad?

Benedict Arnold's father was also named Benedict Arnold. They were both named after his great-grandfather, who was the president of Rhode Island.

Are there any places named after Benedict Arnold?


If as punishment Benedict Arnold were served a la eggs Benedict he'd be covered in hollandaise sauce and cooked How?


Who switched allegiance to the US during the revolutionary war?

Bendict Arnold is the famous traitor who secretly changed sides.

Were Benedict Arnold's parents married?

Benedict Arnold was the second oldest child out of five siblings: Benedict (who died in infancy); Hannah; Mary (who died of diphtheria); Absalom (who died of a mysterious illness); and Elizabeth (who also died of diphtheria). Hannah was Benedict Arnold's only surviving sibling.

Who lead the failed American attack quebec?

Benedict Arnold

How many sisters did Craig Dubloptyucvfxsdgbbnfhjmg Wisniewski have?

Benedict Arnold had three sons named Richard, Benedict, and HenryKiki Nelson

What was Benedict Arnold's favorite food?

There is a Pope Benedict and there was a Benedict Arnold but never a Pope Benedict Arnold.

What was Benedict's greatest achievement?

There are many people in history named Benedict like the Benedict eggs, bit if you are talking about Benedict Arnold. His greatest achievement was probably his major victory at Saratoga even though he was not the leading General he rallied the troops. He brought their spirits they would of lost many battles without Benedict Arnold. He did die a traitor, but he sent a message to the world that you can start a couple of farmers with guns but we ended a world superpower.

Who is related to Benedict Arnold?

Hannah King and Benedict Arnold Sr. are Benedict Arnold's parents. Benedict Arnold is most known for being a traitor in the American Revolutionary war.

When was Benedict Arnold's treason?

Benedict Arnold's treason was in 1780.

What was a traitor in the American Revolution?

A traitor during the revolution was a person who abandon the side they were on and joined the other. For example Benedict Arnold was a traitor.