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Yes, it is very fair. Such powers are indispensable in any society which claims to be kind and forgiving, and there is nobody else that could be trusted to maintain and use them.

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Q: Is it fair or unfair that the president has the power to grant amnesty and give pardons?
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The power of the presidents to grant amnesty is am example of the presidents what?

The President has the constitutional power to grant pardons.

Can the president give pardons?

The President of the US can grant pardons for Federal Crimes.

How many pardons can a president grant within his term as president?

There are no restrictions on how many pardons the president may grant. He can even pardon whole groups of people at the same time.

Can the president grant an amnesty for a criminal?


This government branch can grant a pardon?

The Executive Branch.More specifically, the President can grant pardons to whom whoever, whenever he wishes. This excuses the person of their crime and conviction that the President pardons.

Where in the constitution is the president given power to grant pardons?


When can't president's grant reprieves and pardons?

In cases of impeachment

What branch issues a pardon?

The Executive Branch and the Judicial Branch can grant pardons in the United States. It is usually a governor of a state who will grant a pardon for a person who is incarcerated. The President of the United States might also grant pardons.

Why do presidents get to grant pardons?

Presidents have the ability to grant pardons simply because it comes with the office of President. They do not have to justify or explain the reasons why and they have the right to pardon anyone.

Who grants a US pardon?

The President can grant pardons for crimes against the USA.

Who grants Amnesty?

Throughout the world, amnesty is handled differently by different countries. In the United States, Congress or the president can grant amnesty.

What can the president grant to pardon a group of people?