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Mark Burk did not have a case against Beverly Johnson. His filing was thrown out. He was merely a guest in her home, and was allowed to use her Golf club and courses until he was expelled for abusiveness toward employees. He is not allowed to file any more cases because he has been termed a Vexatious Litigant. He squatted for three years in the duplex he once shared with his mother after she died by suing his landlord, make false claims against him, so he could live rent free. Burk lost all those frivolous cases and still owes the landlord court fees. Ms. Johnson had a mutlipage agreement drawn up before she allowed Burk to stay in one of her spare bedrooms while she was out of town on business. He was to help take care of the house but instead trashed it and destroyed it. He tried to sue for palimony but it was so ridiculous as to be laughable. His Golf Channel series has ended. It depicted Mark as a person incapable of taking responsibility for his own predicament.

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Q: Is it true Bevery Johnson took everything from Mark Burk wrongfully?
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