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yes it did

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Q: Is it true that the interstate commerce Act increased the federal governments power over the railroads?
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What Increased the federal government's power over the railroads?

The Interstate Commerce Act.

The interstate commerce commission ICC monitored?


What agency licenses and regulates all railroads?

The regulatory body in the US is the Interstate Commerce Commission.

Interstate Commerce was originally intended to regulate what industry?


Who supervised railroads after the Interstate Commerce Act was passed?


Which of these regulated the freight rates of railroads?

The Interstate Commerce Commission regulated the freight rates of railroads.

What are Laws leading with railroads trucking and air traffic part of the power of Congress to regulate interstate Commerce?

the power to regulate interstate commerce.

Which of these agencies regulates all commercial transportation by railroads highways and domestic waterways?

interstate commerce commission

What was the act that ended railroads kickbacks?

The Interstate Commerce Act

Who were the key participants in the interstate commerce act?

In 1887 Congress passed the Interstate Commerce Act, making the railroads the first industry subject to Federal regulation.

Why was the interstate commerce established?

The interstate commerce commission was established to regulate railroads. It was meant to eliminate rate discrimination and make sure fair rates were being used.

The interstate commerce act of 1887 required what?

equality in shipping rates charged by railroads