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The Postmaster General was a Cabinet-level position from 1829 to 1971, but the Postmaster General is no longer a Cabinet member since the United States Postal Service is now a special agency outside of the executive branch rather than an executive department.

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Q: Is the postmaster general a cabinet level position?
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Is the OMB a cabinet level position?

No. OMB is not a cabinet position.

Is the office of the Vice President cabinet level position?

yes it is a cabinet level position! It is on the white-house website!

Is the office of the vice president a cabinet-level position?

yes it is a cabinet level position! It is on the white-house website!

What department is the Attorney General the head of?

In the United States, the Attorney General is a cabinet level position. The Attorney General is in charge of the US Justice Department.

Who is Attorney General Eric H Holder Jr?

He is President Barack Obama's current (1/11) appointment to that Cabinet level position. - - - - - - - - The Attorney General is sometimes referred to as "The President's Lawyer", to define the position.

Name ten cabinet-level position?

The Cabinet consists of the Attorney General and the Secretaries of State, Treasury*, Defense, Interior, Agriculture, Commerce, Labor, Transportation, and Energy, as well as several other department heads. *Note: Secretary of the Treasury (or, Treasury Secretary) is a different position than that of Treasurer.

What cabinet level office does the US attorney general head?

Department of Justice

Term limits of the attorney-general?

There in no term limit on this Cabinet-level post - they serve "at the pleasure of the President."

How does Secretary of Health and Human Services get appointed?

The Secretary of HHS is a cabinet level position appointed by the president and confirmed by congress.

Who were the members of George Washington's cabinet and what positions did they hold?

Washington's first cabinet wasSecretary of State (Thomas Jefferson),Secretary of Treasury (Alexander Hamilton),Secretary of War (Henry Knox),Attorney General (Edmund Jennings Randolph)Post Master General (Samuel Osgood) - Not a cabinet level position at this time.Second term cabinetSecretary of State (Edmund Jennings Randolph, Thomas Pickering (1795)Secretary of Treasury (Alexander Hamilton),Secretary of War (Thomas Pickering, James McHenry (1796)Attorney General (William Bradford, Charles Lee ( 1795))Post Master General (Timothy Pickering)

Is the Department of Health and Human Service a cabinet level department?

Yes, it is a Cabinet-level department.

How much is the US secretary of state paid?

The Secretary of State is a "Level 1" Cabinet position and as such currently carries an annual salary of $198,700 in 2011.