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No. OMB is not a cabinet position.

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Q: Is the OMB a cabinet level position?
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Is the office of the Vice President cabinet level position?

yes it is a cabinet level position! It is on the white-house website!

Is the office of the vice president a cabinet-level position?

yes it is a cabinet level position! It is on the white-house website!

What types of responsibilities does the Office of Management and Budget have?

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) assists the President of the United States in preparing a federal budget. The Direct of the OMB is a member of the President's Cabinet.

Is the postmaster general a cabinet level position?

The Postmaster General was a Cabinet-level position from 1829 to 1971, but the Postmaster General is no longer a Cabinet member since the United States Postal Service is now a special agency outside of the executive branch rather than an executive department.

Is the NASA on of the cabinet departments?

No. There is not a cabinet position for NASA.

Which cabinet position is headed by attorney general?

Attorney General IS a cabinet position.

What was Hamilton's Position In Washington's cabinet?

Hamilton's position in George Washington's Cabinet was the Secretary of Treasury

How does Secretary of Health and Human Services get appointed?

The Secretary of HHS is a cabinet level position appointed by the president and confirmed by congress.

Which cabinet position was established by an act of congress?

The Cabinet position of Attorney General was established by an Act of Congress.

What new cabinet position was created by President Jimmy Carter?

Secretary of Education was the new cabinet position under Carter.

Is the Department of Health and Human Service a cabinet level department?

Yes, it is a Cabinet-level department.

What is Most powerful cabinet position in us govt?

The most powerful cabinet position in the U.S.A is Secretary of State. Mahmoud Ahmadjinadad