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the election of two presidents

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Q: John C Calhoun's plan to protect the south and slavery involved what?
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What was John Calhouns resident state?

John C. Calhoun was from South Carolina

What was john c calhoun's plan to protect the south and slavery?

the election of two presidents, one from the North and one from the South.

Who was the senator would proposed a plan to protect slavery in territories in the south?

John C. Calhoun.

What are the various perspectives of slavery?

The North which was home of the free states was against slavery, and thought it was immoral. While the South wanted to protect their rights to owning slavery. Why? Well, the cotton gin had just been created in the South and the owners needed someone to work the machine!

Would Georgia and South Carolina have signed the US Constitution if slavery was to be abolished?

Most historians believe that the Georgia and South Carolina would not have signed the US Constitution if it called for the abolishment of slavery. Their economies and cultures were far too deeply involved in slavery as an institution.

What main idea can you make about abolition of slavery in the South?

The main idea about the abolition of slavery in the South is that it was a long and complex process that involved political, social, and economic factors. While the end of slavery brought about freedom for millions of enslaved individuals, it also led to tensions and challenges as the South grappled with the aftermath of this institution's demise. The legacy of slavery continues to impact American society today.

Was the south for or against slavery?

The south was against slavery.

Was slavery one of the reasons for the civil war?

No all the South wanted to do was to protect their way of life and the North wanted to stay a Union.

Why was the south against slavery?

Actually the NORTH was against slavery, and the SOUTH wanted slavery.

Was slavery good for the south?

yes slavery was good for the south

Did the south favor or oppose slavery?

The South favoured slavery

How did the creaters of the amendment wish to achieve equal protection under law?

it wanted to protect the enslaved africans from being hurt by the south because the south wanted slavery it the north thought it was wrong so they want to protect them and have all people be equal.