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The south was against slavery.

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The south (aka the confederacy) was for slaves. I'm not sure who put the south was against slavery, but they are wrong.

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Q: Was the south for or against slavery?
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Why was the south against slavery?

Actually the NORTH was against slavery, and the SOUTH wanted slavery.

Were the south against slavery or were the union?

The Union (North) was against slavery while the Confederate (South) was against slavery.

Who was against slavery north or south?

The answer is north. North is against slavery.

Who fought against slavery during the civil war?

the north fought the south, and the north won north- against slavery south- slavery

Was the south of nullification against slavery or for it?

the south was for it because that's what started the whole war the south wanted slavery but the north did not.

Was America north or south in the civil war?

They were "the Civil War". The North and the South were going against each other. They were fighting against slavery (the North). And the South wanted slavery.

Did the north want slavery?

No. North wanted to end slavery and south wanted slavery

Were the north and south sides of u.s. fighting about slavery?

Yes they were fighting about slavery. The north side of the U.S. was fighting against slavery and south was fighting to keep slavery. Boo slavery!

What war included slavery arguments?

The American Civil War..The South against the North..the south wanted slavery..the north didn't...

What is the name given to people who were against slavery in the south?

They were the abolitionists.

Was Abraham Lincoln on the North or South in the Civil War?

He was fighting against the south so he was with the north fighting against slavery.

Why was the south so upset by Lincoln's election?

They were upset because he was against slavery which was the south's mean of economy. They relayed on slavery to work on the plantation.