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The most important power in the constitution is the taxing and spending power given to Congress. Other important powers include the president's appointment and veto powers, Congress' foreign affairs and spending powers.

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Q: List 5 expressed powers in the constitution that you think are the most important?
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What amendment do you feel is most important and why?

They don't have a most important amendment because I think all of the amendments are important. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I think the 10th Amendment is the most important. It states that any powers not granted to the federal government nor prohibited to the states by the Constitution are reserved to the states. This amendment was put in place to make sure the federal government does not become to powerful. But as we see nowadays, the politicians have pretty much ignored this amendment.

What are two things that the US Constitution does?

to make/create laws that can be established in the United States and control spending.

Concurrent powers means that the national government?

I think your asking "What are concurrent powers". The answer is that they are powers shared by the federal government and the state governments

Why did antifederalists think the constitution was dangerous?

i have no clue but its posible that they were scared because the constitution had weapons

Why have the Constitition and Bill of Rights lasted so long?

The Bill of Rights, and all amendments, are part of the Constitution of the United States. I think there are several reasons the Constitution has lasted so long. The men who wrote our Constitution were well versed in law and politics. They realized that a Constitution is a guideline for government. They developed a document that could be changed with the times. They provided for a system of government, federalism, that took into account the powers of the state with a national government that respected states' rights but also allowed for the national government to be the supreme law of the land. It also created a division of national powers between three separate, yet equal, branches of government, each with specific jobs yet with the power to control the power of the other two branches so that there would be no domination by one branch over another. Cooperation was also written into the Constitution. But perhaps most important, the rights of the citizens where protected.

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What term refers to the powers that are written in the Constitution?

I think you ment What are the powers spelled out in the constituion... I would change the question...

What powers denied to the national government by the Constitution?

i think its to make treaties;)

What is the law making powers specifically granted to congress called?

Expressed Powers, i mean i think thats what my teacher said lol

What was included in the US Constitution in order to deal with the grievance expressed above?

The Establishment of the supreme court i think

What are three powers of congress that you think are most important?

what is the three power of conger that you think are most important

Did Hamilton think the federal government had implied powers that were not expressly stated in the Constitution?

Hamilton did think that the federal government had implied powers. He argued to use mans adequate to his ends. A~C

Which part of the constitution do you think is the most important?


What did William Richardson Davie think about the powers of National Government?

William Richardson Davie supported the powers of National Government and wanted the Constitution to be ratified.

What is meant by expressed national powers?

Enumerated powers, also called expressed powers, refers to powers that the federal government has according to the US Constitution. It's a list of tasks, like create a post office, levy/collect taxes, declare war, carry on diplomacy with foreign countries, and so forth, that the Constitution very specifically says that the federal government can do.Some political groups, notably right-wingers like the Tea Party, think that the government should only do exactly those things and nothing else. Some Tea Party members of Congress have been trying for a few years now to make a law that says every time Congress passes a law, they have to specifically state under which enumerated power the law falls under.The problem is that some of these enumerated powers can be used to do lots of things that people may not agree with. Parts of the Constitution like the Commerce Clause (which allows Congress to make laws regarding business and trade that happens in multiple states/countries) and the Elastic Clause (which allows Congress to make laws that are "necessary and proper" for the functioning of the government) are very vague and can be used as justification for lots of things.

What did Southerners think of the U.S Constitution?

Cotton is more important than it

How does the supreme court check the powers of congrees?

Why do you think the constitution forbids congress from passing ex post facto laws

Which is the guiding principle of the constitution do you think is most important?

The principal that all people are created equal is the most important guiding principle of the United States Constitution. The Constitution guarantees the same rights for all American citizens.