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Many Americans have resented immigrants throughout American history because they believed that immigrants were taking jobs by offering to work for less money. The irony of the situation is that many of those people were immigrants or their parents were immigrants at some point.

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Q: Many Americans resented immigrants on the grounds that they?
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Why were immigrants resented when they came to the US?

Many people felt that immigrants stole jobs from native-born Americans and that their willingness to work for very low wages lead to a decline in wages everywhere. Additionally, many nativists (anti-immigrant activists) felt that the cultures and religions of the foreigners were too different from America's to every have a chance of assimilating.

Why do Americans many Americans reacted to the difficulties of the postwar years by targeting immigrants?

the americans blamed the immigrants for there economic failure. they also blamed them from taking job from americans. but i find this wrong because those americans were immigrants once or the family they came from were.

Immigrants Catholics immigrants faced special prejudice from many Americans who had feared about immigrants?

loyalty (APEX)

What immigrants favored Hawaii?

Native Hawaiians are believed to be immigrants from Polynesia. There have been many immigrants from many countries, but today Hawaii is populated mostly by Native Hawaiians, the Japanese and Americans.

Why did new immigrants represent a threat to nativist Americans?

Many "new" immigrants were unskilled and poor and came to the United States alone

Why did many Americans support more restrictive immigration laws in the late 1920's?

Many Americans feared that the country was being overrun by immigrants.<333

In the early 1920's many Americans saw the millions of immigrants as a threat to what?

Stability and ordering

Why did the Americans blamed the immigrants for the nations problems?

Many immigrants brought their problems with them to America. They also worked for less wage and took valuable jobs from others.

Why were so many Americans against the new immigrants?

Americans began to fear foreigners and recent immigrants because of the _______

Why did many native Americans serve with the south?

Many native American resented the Federal Government for the forced deportation of the five civilized tribes (known as the "trail of tears") from their homelands in the southeast states.

Many Americans believed Sacco and Vanzetti were executed because they were what?

poor English speaking Italian immigrants.

Why were so many Americans afraid of immigrants in the 1920's?

They, having been immigrants; were will aware; imigrants were very lliable to take jobs from those whom had immigrated earlier.