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Q: Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives usually start their political careers at the state level?
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Members of the US Senate and House of Representatives usually start their political careers at the state level.?


Do people vote to decide who governs japan?

People do not elect their Prime Ministers, they elect their representatives--members of the House of Representatives and House of Councillors--the members of the two houses then vote on a Prime Minister. It usually is the president of the political party that holds the majority. Prime Ministers in Japan do not have term limits either. People vote for political parties. If one candidate wins in the upper house, the house of councillors and another wins in the lower house, the house of representatives, the results of the lower house stands, and that candidate for Prime Minister is elected.

What are the 2 differences between the House and Senate?

There is one big difference. The House of Representatives has 435 members. Each state has a different amount of representatives based on population. The Senate has 100 members, 2 from each state. They usually both do the same job.

Describe the political background and experience of the members of congress?

Most members of the congress are usually seasoned politicians with long term experience in the public affairs.

What is a micro political party?

they are usually represented by one or two elected representatives and are focused upon a single issue (e.g. the shooters party) :)

What is a represenatives government?

Representative Government is a system in which the populace participates in government by choosing representatives to make decisions on their behalf. In the US, senators, members of the house, state senators, and city council members are all representatives on various levels of governance; in Britain members of parliament are representatives of the people in their particular districts. Representative government is usually seen as a pragmatic compromise between full democracy and more autocratic, authoritarian regimes.

Do all US territories have states have voting members in congress?

I think this is actually 2 questions. Every one of the US states have voting members in Congress. Usually each state has 2 Senators and a number of Representatives (based on the population of the state.) However, US territories are not states and do not have voting members in either the Senate or House of Representatives.

Who are the pastors of large christian churches?

Usually they are members of the community who have pursued academic careers in philosophy or divinity, and most have another job. There is no firm set of qualifications for that position.

WHAT IS THE House OF representatives term limits?

Not exactly, Representatives have a term of two years, meaning they must stand for reelection every two years. The phrase term limit usually means how many times they can be reelected. There is no limit on the number of times a Representative can be reelected.

Which was the last party is in power in Tuvalu?

Tuvalu has no political parties but members of parliament usually align themselves in informal groupings.

What is the head of the US House of Representatives called?

The head of the US House of Representatives is called the Speaker of the House. The Speaker is elected by other members of the House of Representatives, and is usually a member of whichever party holds the majority of seats following the last general election.The current (2011) Speaker of the House is Republican John Boehner of Ohio.

What are two careers in space exploration?

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