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If you are applying for funding from a government program, you most likely will be asking for grant funding. Government agencies often provide grants to non-profit organizations, schools, and businesses.

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Q: Money provided for government programs is called?
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Money provided for government programs is called what?

funding It is simply called Federal Money.

What is the difference between block-funding and a shared cost program?

Block funding is money provided by a national government to a regional government without a specific indication of how and where that money must be spent. Shared cost programs are expenses that can be allocated to two or more departments or products on the basis of shared benefits.

Most money for county programs comes from?

The state and federal government

Where does the government get the money for highway projects and other federal programs?

Our taxes

What are grants of money allocated by congress to finance government programs?


What is government income called?

Government money is called Revenue

Where does the Cuban government spend their money?

The Cuban government spends most of their money on importing goods such as oil and food. It also spends a significant amount of money on relief programs for its citizens.

Which term is best defined as a the amount of money that the government spends on programs in a year?


What is money paid to the government?

Usually such money is called "taxes".

How much money did the government spend doing euthanasia in 2009?

The government did not spend any money on euthanasia in 2009. Euthanasia is typically funded by private individuals or organizations and is not a service provided or funded by the government.

What did the government fail to pass in the 1970s for women?

Education programs receiving government money cannot treat men and women differently.

Where does the local government of Edmonton get the money to provide homeless kids programs and service?

no where they get it sent from the taxes