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a certain number of qualified voters in a district

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People are not nominated by petition.

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Q: Nomination by petition is done by gathering signatures from what?
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Nomination by petition is done by gathering signatures from who

Nominations by petition is done by gathering signatures from?

People are not nominated by petition.

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A petition, signed by thousands of registered voters, could lead to a new law if turned in to state representative or Congressman. But you would have to write the petition to be specific, have it filed with your state, and then get the signatures of voters. When that is done the state goes through the signatures to make sure that the people who signed were registered and living in the country where they signed the petition. So, the process is involved to get something like this going and there are rules you have to follow.

What is done with a petition?

A petition is first drafted. It is written about the subject of interest. Then, it is presented to the persons who might be interested in the topic. If interested, people sign the petition. Usually, there is a stated deadline, when the petition will be closed to more signatures, and then, submitted to the body that will decide on the petition. The petition may, or may not, influence the decision made. There are many types of petitions, for many different subjects, which can be presented to many different persons or organizations, both government and private, and which all may have different requirements for certification and filing.

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I think you mean what is a prayer of gratitude, and can it also be a petition. Yes, a prayer of gratitude is a petition to the Lord giving thanks for all He has done for us. The scriptures do mention that we offer up our petition (s) to the Lord.

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Someone believes that someone cheated or the count was wrong or done wrong or something was done illegally. You better be able to prove it.

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The beneficiary doesn't have that power, but they can petition the court to have it done.

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