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It was the first continental congress

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Q: One direct result to the intolerable acts was?
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The laws knows as The Intolerable Acts were the coercive acts and the?

In Great Britain, these laws were referred to as the Coercive Acts and seen by the colonists as one of the Intolerable Acts.

What were some of the intolerable acts?

the colonists had to let British soldiers sleep,eat and drink.......water in their homes is one of the intolerable acts

What was not included in the so- called intolerable acts?

The Stamp Act, passed in 1765, was not one of the Intolerable Acts.

Why did King George III gave in on the Intolerable acts punishment?

The Intolerable Acts were a punishment for the colonists by King George III. The Intolerable Acts were put into effect after the Boston Tea Party. The Intolerable Acts were one of the final straws that broke the camel's back in regards to the start of the American Revolutionary War.

What came first the intolerable acts or the quartering act?

There were two Quartering Acts. The first one, The Quartering Act of 1765, was enacted before the Intolerable Acts. The second Quartering Act of 1774 was one of four acts considered part of the Intolerable Acts. Both acts were practically the same in legislation.

Is the stamp act one of The Intolerable Acts?

yes it is.

One of the laws of the Intolerable Acts placed the colony of?

Because >:(

Is the Quebec act one of the acts in the intolerable act?


How do you end a conclusion paragraph about the intolerable act?

The Intolerable acts were one of the most effective ways that we live today.

What is the one difference between the Coercive Acts and The Intolerable Acts?

The Coercive Acts were a series of laws passed by the British Parliament as a punishment for the Boston Tea Party, while the Intolerable Acts were the American colonists' term for these laws due to their harsh nature. Essentially, the Coercive Acts refer to the laws themselves, while the Intolerable Acts refer to the colonists' reaction to them.

What is one of the provisions of the Intolerable Acts?

One act closed Bostons port to most shipping.

One of the laws in The Intolerable Acts placed which under british military control?