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Q: President was known as a man of few words?
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What president a man with few words said you lose you lose?

Calvin Coolidge

Who was known as the common man's president?

Andrew Jackson was the first president that was not born into wealth and considered himself a spokesman for the common man. He was known as the "Common Man's President" and "Champion of the Common Man."

Was president monroe known as the man of the people?

No. Monroe was not known by this description.

Who created all words known to man?

To the man/woman who made up all words?

Who created all the words known to man?

To the man/woman who made up all words?

What does schweiger mean in German?

"Man of few words."

Who was the nationalist leader of Mexico and is known as the Man of Bronze?

president wilson

Is President Obama fun?

Sure he is, he will be the best president ever known to man. He is as well the first black president, so cheers to OBAMA!!!

What well known African man was former president of South Africa?

Nelson Mandela.

Was benjerman ever a president?

No, he wasn't even though he was on a 100 dollar bill he is the only known man to be on a 100 dollar bill he is not a president.

What is the things president Flanklin d roosevelt known for?

He was the man to be elected many several times.

Who was champion of the working man?

Horace Greeley had a reputation for being a champion of the working man. Andrew Jackson, the 7th US President, was known as a champion of the common man.