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Nobody has been elected U. S. President and died before taking office.

In 1872, Horace Greeley died between Election Day and the day in December when the electoral college elects the President and Vice President, but based on the Election Day results, he would have come in second to Ulysses S. Grant anyway.

Also, there's a good chance Robert F. Kennedy would have beaten Richard Nixon in the Election of 1968 if he were not assassinated during the campaign.

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Q: President who died before before he could be impeached?
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Was president Harrison empeached?

No, president William Henry Harrison was not impeached. He died in office of pneumonia on his 32nd day in office.

If the speaker of the House died who would become President of the United States?

The president of the United States would remain president until he died or resigned or was impeached; at which time the Vice President would become president.

Why was John Adams impeached?

Yes, indeed. He served in the Senate before he was president and served another 17 years in the House afterward. In fact he died two days after he suffered a stroke while one the House floor..

Did the constitution state that the Vice President would become president when the president died true or fals?

Yes, the constitution provides for the Vice President to take over when the president is sick, dead, or impeached.

Why was president Woodrow Wilson impeached?

President Wilson was not impeached. Impeachment has only been used 16 times, and only twice against presidents. Only 7 impeachments have reached convictions by the Senate, all of them against federal judges. No impeachments were done against anyone during Wilson's time as president. However, an article or editorial in the New York Times in 1915 called for the president's impeachment.

Could President Fillmore dunk?

No. He died 20 years before the game of basketball was invented.

How many us . presidents have been removed from office after having been impeached?

No Us President has been removed from office via the impeachment process. There have been two presidents who have been impeached. In 1868, Andrew Johnson was impeached by the House for violating certain statutes related to government processes; in 1998, Bill Clinton was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice. However, neither of these presidents was convicted by the Senate, so neither of them was removed from office.

Did washington die before the White House was built?

He died about 11 months before it was close enough to being finished that President Adams could move into it.

What president died before he could complete his time in office he only served 3 terms but died during his 4th term?

He was Franklin Delano Roosevelt in US.

Which president destroyed all of his personal papers before he died?

President authur did :]

The president who could not complete their termwhy they could not do so?

Several US Presidents have died or been killed while in office and so could not complete the term to which they were elected. Wm. Harrison, Taylor, and Harding died of natural causes; Lincoln,Garfield, McKinley and Kennedy were all killed by assassin's bullets. Nixon resigned his office because of the strong possibility that he would be impeached and convicted and be removed from office.

Which president had no first lady due to the fact that his wife died 19 years before he reached the white house?

VanBuren's wife died in 1819, 18 years before he became president in 1837. Jefferson's wife died in 1776, 25 years before he became president. in 1801. Arthur's wife died in 1880. about 19 months before he became president in 1881. Jackson's wife died in December, 1828, some 3 months before he became president. VanBuren seems to be the closest to being the answer to your question.