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Q: Progressive amendment definition
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What is considered a progressive amendment?

Amendment 16 which allows an income tax and Amendment 19 for women's suffrage were goals of the Progressive movement. Amendment 17 which called for US senators to be elected by direct popular vote may also be labeled progressive.

Which Progressive Era amendment is the only one in America's history to be repealed by another amendment?

The 18th amendment.

What Progressive policy influenced the Seventeenth Amendment?


What is the definition for amendment?

The definition is: The act of amending or the state of being amended!!!!

What progressive amendment made federal government more democratic?

the 17th

Progressive sought to create a federal income tax by?

A constitution amendment

Which of the amendments passed for progressive progressive reform was later repealed?

Prohibition of alcohol.

What amendment no longer valid since it was canceled out by a subsequent amendment allowing the scale of a certain type of beverage?

The 18th amendment provided the prohibition of alchol, it was passed during the Progressive era, but was later repealed by the 21st Amendment.

Was the 19th amendment to the US constitution considered a progressive amendment?

Yes because it guranteed the right to vote to all American citizens..regardless of sex.

Which constitutional amendment expanded the definition of citizenship to include women's right to vote?

the twenty sixth amendment - apex

Reformers fo the progressive era sought to reduce corruption in government by adopting a constitutional amendment that provide for?

Reformers for the progressive era sought to reduce corruption in government by adopting a constitutional amendment that provided for a law that could prosecute corrupt labor unions.

What was the purpose of the 14th amendment?

The main purpose of the 14th Amendment was to secure the rights of the former slaves. The purpose of the amendment provided a broad definition of citizenship.