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yes the revolutionary war stayed laws because they wanted to have freedom

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Q: Revolutionary War Stay laws.
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What was the first set of laws after the revolutionary war called?

The Articles of Confederation

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Why was there the Revolutionary War?

The United States had its revolutionary war to gain it independance from Great Britain after a series of injust and unlawfull Rulles were put in place for the thirteen colonies. The laws were called by the patriots the Intollerable Acts.

Who is the colonist who wanted to stay under the rule of England Between 1750-1783 in the revolutionary war.?


Why was it difficult for men to stay in the army during the revolutionary war?

They were away from the people they loved and their lives were in danger.

What was the economy like during the revolutionary war?

to stay indoors,and fight for freedom thats also for the jamaican colony.

Did the articles of confederation stop the Revolutionary War?

No. the Articles were established during the time period of the revolutionary war and its intention were to stop the war, by making laws, and boundaries. However, it was not very effective because it was very weak and the people did not obey the laws. The treaty of Paris (1783) is what ended the Revoulutionary war. The articles were later on revised and made stronger but that is what we now call the U.S Constitution.

Was lord Cornwallis in the civil war or the Revolutionary War?

he was in the revolutionary war

What was the name of the war the us fought the British?

That would be the revolutionary war. That was the war in which the U. S. won it's independence from Great Britain.

Was the War for Liberty the Revolutionary War?

The Revolutionary War was America's war for liberty from Britain.

Was Civil War before revolutionary?

no, the revolutionary war was before the civil war. the revolutionary war was when the colonists broke away from British rule. the civil war was when the north and south fought because of slavery. the revolutionary war was in 1775 and the civil war started in 1861

Isn't the war of 1812 the Revolutionary War?

No it was 2 years after the revolutionary war.