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People need to take care of themselves for the basics first, however they also should help out others whenever they have the ability to do so.

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Q: Should American self interest take priority over the interests of the world?
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Did Robespierre support the American Revolution or not and why?

Robespierre DID support the American revolution. It was partly the American revolution that inspired him. Many French soldiers also fought in the American revolution. As for why; Robespierre belived that everyone should be equal and have rights, including the people in America. He always had his client's (for he was a lawyer) human rights as his best interests, so he belived strongly in the American revolution.

Belief that national interests should be placed ahead of regional concerns?


What describes the pluralist theory of American politics?

Moderation and compromise are natural outcomes of pluralistic politics, Policy is the product of competition and conflict among competing groups, and All interests should be free to compete for influence within government only.

Should applications from certain countries be given priority?

Citizenship is a common right which should be made available to anybody and everybody, irrespective of their country,race or religion. The process of becoming a citizen is being done on the above mentioned basis only in many countries of the World ( There may be exceptions of which I am not aware ).

What are five essential requirements for creating a government?

The government should have a goal. At least one tenth of the citizen should be farmers. Safety is a priority. Leadership is needed. Law and order should be maintained. Production and sustenance should be provided daily. Higher education should be provided.

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Can you and your child move in with your boyfriend while waiting for divorce?

Yes, you can, but it's not a good idea. You should have the best interest of your child as your main priority right now and should not be exposing your child to your personal involvements before the divorce. You are not setting a good example and you need to establish some stability first and not be focusing on your lovelife. It can and should be used against you to question whether you have the best interests of your child as a priority.

Subordination of individual interests to general interest?

this means that the organizations objectives should prevail over the interests of a single employee or a group of them.

What do you mean by Subordination of individual interest in management?

The interests of any one employee should not take precedence over the interests of the organisation as a whole.that means organisation must take care of the interest of the single employee first so that every employee should take care of the whole organisation's interest as his own interest.

Subordination of individual interest to general interest?

this means that the organizations objectives should prevail over the interests of a single employee or a group of them.

Should you include hobbies or interest on your resume?

yes you should include an interests category but don't make it you know a 2 page section just 1-5 interests per say.

What did federalists such as James Madison believe what interests groups were?

Federalists such as James Madison believed that interest groups were a natural and inevitable part of society. They saw them as important for fostering a healthy democracy by allowing citizens to organize and advocate for their specific interests and concerns. However, they also recognized the potential dangers of interest groups becoming too powerful and dominating the political process.

How are political groups and interest groups similar?

They each have different opinions on how things should be run and what they think the top priority should be.Both represent people who join together for a political purpose.

Do the car loan payment calculators calculate interest of the car?

Yes, car loan payment calculators should calculate interest of the car loan. They will most likely ask you to enter the interest rate, so they can include interests in their calculations.

Why are the basic needs of people not met?

The world is just not that well run, and there are too many competing interests to allow it to become that well run. There is no broad global agreement about what the main priority of the human race should be.

Should national interest be the focus of foreign policy?

Yes, national interest should be the focus of foreign policy. A country's primary responsibility is to protect and promote its own interests and well-being. Foreign policy should aim to secure the nation's economic, security, and political interests, while also fostering relations with other countries based on mutual benefit and cooperation.

Which principles should guide American diplomacy moral and legal ideas or national interest?


What is subordination of individual interest to general interest?

Subordination of individual interest to general interest refers to prioritizing the common good or welfare of the broader community over personal desires or needs. This concept typically applies to situations where decisions or actions should benefit society as a whole, even if it may require individuals to make sacrifices or compromises. It is a fundamental principle in governance and ethics that aims to promote harmony and equity within a society.