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No. It is not a requirement.

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Q: Should the UK adopt a codified constitution?
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What are the salient features of british Constitution?

A constitution is a set of laws on how a country is governed. The British Constitution is unwritten in one single document, unlike the constitution in America or the proposed European Constitution, and as such, is referred to as an unclassified constitution in the sense that there is no single document that can be classed as Britain's constitution. The British Constitution can be found in a variety of documents. Supporters of our constitution believe that the current way allows for flexibility and change to occur without too many problems. Those who want a written constitution believe that it should be codified so that the public as a whole has access to it - as opposed to just constitutional experts who know where to look and how to interpret it.Amendments to Britain's unwritten constitution are made the same way - by a simply majority support in both Houses of Parliament to be followed by the Royal Assent.The British Constitution comes from a variety of sources. The main ones are:Statutes such as the Magna Carta of 1215 and the Act of Settlement of 1701.Laws and Customs of Parliament; political conventionsCase law; constitutional matters decided in a court of lawConstitutional experts who have written on the subject such as Walter Bagehot and A.V Dicey.There are two basic principles to the British Constitution:The Rule of Law The Supremacy of Parliament

Why and how has the UK constitution been criticised?

uncertainty, elective dictatorship, centralisation and weak protection of rights

What does it mean to entrench rights in the constitution?

it is where the constitution is protected through it's own laws and regulations. For some countries, there must be a certain amount of public support as well as support from a certain number of members of the government. E.g. In America, to change the constitution, the government must have a majority of it's members must agree as well as 2/3s of the states must agree in order to change a part of their constitution. In the UK, entrenchment doesn't exist. Parliament could change the constitution as they please as they are sovereign (the ultimate power in the UK), although government can change the constitution as much as they can (needing an overall majority within government) parliament still have the last word of the matter. There is no need for entrenchment in the UK as it uses an uncodified constitution and therefore a majority of the constitution isn't written on a document, but can easily be changed by the government or parliament (but is unlikely without consulting the public via a referendum as this could lead to considered dictatorship and could threaten democracy and the people would not like this and would protest).

Are their countries without a constitution?

Yes. Israel, UK, and New Zealand. But they have a set of fundamental laws that essentially serve as formally unwritten constitutions.

Would you rather have the constitution or Articles of Confederation?

The US would not have survived under the Articles of Confederation. They didn't give the Federal government enough authority to govern a sovereign country. The UK and possibly other nations would have eventually recolonized the States, one by one.

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What is the UK constitution?

The UK is famous for NOT having a written constitution.The uk has no single codified (written) constitution. It exists through a variety of statutes and laws that together set the legal precedent for how the government is operated. This includes the magna .

Should the British Constitution be written?

The decision to have a written constitution is ultimately a matter of political choice and context. However, there are arguments in favor of a written constitution for the UK. A written constitution would provide clarity and certainty, while also protecting fundamental rights and ensuring a clear separation of powers. It could also serve as a symbol of the country's values and aspirations.

When will the UK adopt the Euro?

There are no plans to adopt the Euro in the UK.

Difference between the US Constitution and the Great Britain Constitution?

See links for interesting articles. The UK Constitution is not codified as is the US Constitution, but the basic concept is that of Parliamentary Supremacy. In other words, Constitutional law exists as a result of, and is therefore changed by, acts of Parliament. The US Constitution, in contrast, is codified. There are advantages to both systems. The UK system is more fluid, and it takes an immense effort for the US Constitution to be amended. On the other hand, the US Constitution gives direction and parameters to the branches of government, while also establishing the rights and powers of the states, and a mechanism to bring about the most far-reaching changes with as little disruption as possible.

Which is better a codified constitution or an uncodified constitution?

A codified constitution is a constituion in which key constitutional provisions are collected within a single document, it is commonly known as a written constitution. A written constitution is one contained within a single document or a series of documents with or without amendments ,defining the basic rules of the state. codified constitution have three key features. In a codified constitution the document itself is authoritative in the sense that it constitutes 'higher' law. The constitution binds all political institution including those that make ordinary law. The provisions of the constitution aare also said to be entrenched. This means that they are difficult to amend or abolish. As a codified constitution sets out the dutie, power and fuctions of government institutions in terms of 'higher law' it is judiciable. (eg. USA comprises of the Bill of Rights, Patriot Act) The other type of constitution is an uncodified constituition. An uncodified constitution is a constitution that is made up of rules that are found in a variety of sources, in the absence of a single legal document or written constitution.Unlike codified constitution the constitution is not authoratative. Constitutional laws enjoy the same status as ordinary laws. Uncodified constitutions are also not entreched. The constitution can be changed through the normal processes for enacting statue law. Finaly, uncodified constitutions are not judiciable. In the absence of higher law, judges do not have a legal standard against which they can declare that the actions of other bodies are considered constitutional or unconstitutional.(eg. UK - drawn from Magna Carta, HRA)

Can Americans adopt a child in UK?

yes you can adopt a child almost anywhere

Does the UK have a constitution?

== == No, England has no real constitution as the continental countries have. England's law system was based on the common law, no written law. (common law: everyone knows this is the law, but there is no written proof that that IS indeed the law. Trough the times this law can be changed, altered,.. by new evolution in the citizen's world) The continental law system was based on civil law, thus Code Napoleon, Codex Julianus,... all written down laws. Though many think that the Magna Charta was THE basics of all constitutions, this is not true. This was mere a practical charter, not a real constitution.

Can gay men adopt children in the UK?

Yes, gay men can adopt children in the UK. Full Joint adoption is also available for gay couples.

Can a Canadian adopt a Child from The UK or England in general?

yes u can adopt a child from almost anywhere

How many words are there in the UK Constitution?

None ! The UK does not have a written constitution ! I suppose what we have in its place is called 'Common Law', but no, Constitution we do not have.

What type of constitution dose the UK have?

it has no written constitution.

What country did not adopt the euro as it's currency?

Bosnia and the UK