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yes i believe they should have to know about the voting process and also you should have to also be infromed more on who you are voting for im sick of people who dont no a thing about the person they are voting for like im 15 and i can out debate these people

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Q: Should voters have to understand the voting process?
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What percent of Obama voters are on food stamps?

You should understand that voting is an anonymous process. There is no list of Obama voters (although there is a list of registered Democrats, who very probably did vote for Obama - most of them are not on food stamps).

What is prospective voting?

Prospective voting refers a voting process where the electorate chooses a government and what its functions will be in the future. The voters use the candidate's stance and political platforms as the bases for their votes.

Can you file a lawsuit against voters?

No. Voting rights are one of the things that people should not take for granted. Yes. Politicians have sued voters for attempting to impose term limits.

What is the definition of prospective voting?

The definition of prospective voting is a democratic process where voters will choose a party that suits what they expect from the government. People express their expectations from the government that would come into power in the future.

Do middle class voters have circumstances for voting?


What are regular voters characterized by?

prospective voting is characterized by

What was a goal of the league of voters?

to help educate women and prepare them to vote ((apex))

What is proximity voting?

proximity voting is the theory which holds that voters prefer candidates close to them on issues.

What is a voters suppression?

Stopping certain people from voting (apex)

What argument best responds to citizens who do not vote because they feel that no political candidates speak for them?

voting will help candidates reflect citizens' interests

What questions is asked if an individual is engaging in retrospective voting?

Retrospective voting is the theory of voting in which voters essentially ask this simple question: "What have you done for me lately?"

What are the significant reasons for nonvoting in the US today?

Voter apathy - people feel disconnected with the electoral process and that thee vote doesn't count - so why bother voting. Engaging voters or a more proportional voting system may alleviate it