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harpers ferry, Virginia

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Q: Site of federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist attempted to start a slave rebellion?
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What abolitionist led the raid on Harper's Ferry?

John Brown (1800-1859) was convicted of treason and hanged six weeks after his failed raid on a federal arsenal.

Why did john brown raid a federal arsenal in Harper's fairy?

To arm the slaves for a nationwide rebellion. (Dont think 'Fairy' had much to do with it!)

Was john brown leader of the pro slavery movement?

John Brown was not in favor of slavery. Brown was might be called a radical anti slavery abolitionist. He actually created a conspiracy to begin a slave rebellion in the South. The famous Afro American scholar, Frederick Douglas even visited Brown to hear about Brown's idea to begin a slave revolt. Douglas tried to convince Brown not to carry out his plan and instead create a haven for runaway slaves. The two men could not agree and Douglas never took part in any violent type of action. Brown did. He was funded by radical anti slavery groups in the North and under an assumed name bought a farm to have that become his headquarters. Brown had plotted a slave revolution for years. He and approximately 20 or so fellow believers took over the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry. His fellows then went about the countryside trying to recruit slaves to his revolution. That was a failure. Before too long the US Army retook the arsenal and captured Brown who was charged with treason, a questionable charge by the Governor of Virginia, but ether way Brown was doomed as several Virginians were killed and capturing a government arsenal was treason. He was executed in 1859.

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What is federal arsenal?

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Site of a federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist attempted to start a slave rebellion?

Pottawatomie Creek, Kansas

Site of federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist?

The site of the federal arsenal where a militant abolitionist, John Brown, led the famous raid in 1859 is Harpers Ferry, West Virginia. Brown, along with a group of followers, hoped to incite a slave rebellion by seizing weapons from the arsenal. The raid was ultimately unsuccessful, and Brown was captured, tried, and executed.

Was John Brown A abolitionist?

Yes - a fanatical abolitionist. His attempted capture of the Federal arsenal, in order to arm the slaves for a nationwide rebellion, convinced the South that all Abolitionists were in favour of armed revolution.

Virginia town where a arsenal was located which attacked by an abolitionist who wanted to start a slave rebellion?

Harpers Ferry, Virginia

What abolitionist attacked harper' s ferry?

John Brown attempted to start an armed slave revolt in 1859 by seizing a United States arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia.

Where did the raid by antislavery abolitionist John Brown take place?

The antislavery abolitionist John Brown and about 18 of his followers intended to start a slave rebellion. He attacked the Federal arsenal at Harpers Ferry, Virginia. He took over the arsenal, however, he was unable to start a slave rebellion. He was captured by Union commander at the time of Robert E. Lee. Brown was hung in December of 1859 for treason against the State of Maryland. The charge was odd, in that it would have been seen as treason against the USA as the arsenal was a Federal arms depot.

Radical abolitionist who was hanged after an arsenal raid?

John Brown

Was the anti slavery abolitionist John Brown a free black?

The radical anti slavery abolishtionist John Brown was white. He can be called "radical" in that he took over a Federal arsenal to begin a slave rebellion.

Why did John Brown attempt to seize the Federal Arsenal at the Harper's Ferry?

Radical abolitionist John Brown did seize the Federal arsenal at Harper's Ferry in 1859. The purpose was to supply arms to a slave revolt that John Brown and his followers attempted to create. The "rebellion" was ended in a few days as no slaves were enticed to join such a revolution, and Federal forces under Colonel Robert E. Lee captured Brown and his 20 or so followers. Brown was hung in Virginia soon after for treason.

What site of raid was by abolitionist john brown?

The Government arsenal at Harper's Ferry

Who was the abolitionist who led an attack on a federal arsenal in harpers ferry in 1859?

John Brown

Who was the abolitionist who hoped to start a slave revolt by seizing the federal arsenal at Virginia?

Was John Brown