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Statues are not the primary sources of U.S. laws, the primary source of U.S. laws is the constitution of the United States of America...

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Q: Statues primary sources of US laws?
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What are the primary sources of US Laws?

The primary sources of US laws are English common laws, case law, statutes, and the Constitution. English common law was used as a foundation for the laws we have today, but in the 1800s it was ruled that these laws must be recorded so that the citizens would know what they were. Case laws stem from recorded cases and Statues are laws passes by congress. The constitution is above all laws and each law MUST be in accordance to the constitution.

What are the three primary sources of the US laws?

The BibleThe Magna CartaThe Justinian Code

Is monalisa painting a primary sources or a secondary sources?

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What is the primary duty of a legislator in the US government?

To make new laws for the country.

What primary sources tell us why the Titanic sink?

Primary sources such as survivor testimonies and official inquiries like the British and American investigations into the sinking of the Titanic provide insights into why the ship sank. Factors contributing to the disaster included the ship hitting an iceberg, design flaws like the compartmentalization of the hull, lack of sufficient lifeboats, and mismanagement of the emergency response.

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What are the main sources of law?

The main sources of law are statutory law (laws passed by legislative bodies), case law (decisions made by courts), administrative regulations (rules created by government agencies), and constitutional law (laws derived from a country's constitution).

What are the primary duties of the Judicial Executive and Legislative branches?

To govern the US. The Legislative branch makes laws. The Executive branch administers the laws. The Judicial branch interprets and applies the laws.

Why would a historian use a primary source when studying about historical events?

Answer this question… Primary sources are created by people who actually experienced the event

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