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i really don't know when the American Revolation was fought but look in your social studies book

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Q: The American Revolition was fought in what country?
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Why Thomas Paine should be honored or recognized?

He wrote a famous book during the American revolition

What european country fought in the American Revoulution?

Several did. Britain, France, Spain, and the Netherlands all fought in the American Revolution.

What country's fought in the mexican-american war?

Mexico, and America

One country where the Spanish-American war was fought?


How did the arrival of American troops in Europe affect the course of the war?

american solidiers fought for our country

What country was the American Civil War fought in?

The country now known as the United States of America.

What country where the final battle of the Mexican American War was fought?

In Mexico.

What was the first war fought by the US?

Before America became a country, we fought in the French and Indian War. But, the first war we fought as a country was the American Revolutionary War.

Would you have fought the british or remainied loyal?

Fought. Im a proud American although I hate what our government has done to our country

What country fought for independence from the US and Spain in the 1900s?

The Spanish American war was fought for independence for Cuba in the 1900's.

In what country was the Spanish-American War fought?

In the Spanish colonies of the Pacific and the Caribbean.

Which side did Germans back up during the American Revolution?

Since Germany was not yet a single country at the time of the American Revolution, it is not possible to say which side the country supported. However, the Germanic mercenaries that fought in the American Revolution fought for the British against the Americans.