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their rights as British subjects had been violated.
Taxation without representation

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The colonists complained that they were being taxed unfairly by the British.

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Q: The American colonists based their right to revolt against Britains authority on the claim that?
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Which country's people followed the example of the American colonists rebelling against their king in 1789?

The French Revolution happened in 1789.

Who were American colonists who moved to Canada rather than fight against the British crown in the war for independence?

they wwre called loyalists they moved up there because they did not feel they should fight against their king

Which is an important reason that American colonists rebelled against England in the 1770's?

After the French Indian war, Britain decided to leave an army in the American colonies. The colonists saw that as an occupation army to strenghten British control over them. The English Government however saw it as a protection for the colonists in case the French should renew the war and invade from Canada. Britain thought it reasonable that the cost of a 'protection' army should therefore be borne by the colonists. The colonists however were incensed that they should pay and house the soldiers sent to control them.

What act was passed to punish colonists for rebelling against Stamp Act?

The Townshend Act was passed in 1767 after the Colonists rebelled against the Stamp Act. The Townshend Act was a tax on glass, paint, lead, tea and other things the Colonists needed.

What three groups of people had the British enlisted to fight against the colonists as stated in three grievances in the declaration of independence?

According to the Declaration of Independence, the British had enlisted their standing army, foreign mercenaries, and the Native American tribes living along the frontier to fight against the colonists. All three groups are mentioned explicitly in the grievances section of the Declaration of Independence.

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Who did the colonists revolt against?

King George the Third. Assuming you mean the American colonists.

Who led the American colonists to rebel against British rule?

The British government taxed the American colonists to an extreme and treated them unfairly. The colonists even drew up a document stating their grievances against the King and when it was ignored they rebelled. But it was mainly taxes.

In the french and Indian war who did the American colonists fight against?

the british

In 1776 American colonists began a successful rebellion against?

Great Britain.

What nation came to the aid of the American colonists in their fight against Britain?


In 1776 American colonists began a successful rebellion against who?

Great Britain.

What were American colonists called if they rebelled against the King of England?

They would be called rebels

What were the colonists rebelling against during the American revolution?

British laws, taxes and occupancy

Who had to fight against the french in the American and Indian war?

The British Colonists and some of the Iroquois tribes fought against the French.

Which is an important reason that the American colonists rebelled against England in the 1770s?

The colonists desired the right to control basic aspects of their economy.

Where did Stamp Acts Take Place?

Everywhere in the American colonies until the colonists rebelled against it.

What was the value of the American victory at saratoga?

France came into the war to help the colonists against Britain.