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African Americans

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Q: The Equal Protection Clause was originally intended to protect?
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Who was the equal protection clause originally intended to protect?

African Americans

The equal protection clause was originally intended to protect what?

African Americans

Who the equal protection clause was intended to protect after the civil war?

freed former slaves

What is the central purpose of the equal protection clause?

The Central Purpose of the Equal Protection Clause (amendment 14) is to protect all rights given by the Bill of rights. For example the Equal Porotection Clause was made right after Civil war in which the 13th amendment freed slaves. So this clause was made that so these free slaves can have equal protection under the law. Though I personally feel that it took time for this to actually happen and I still feel today that this amendment has not been accomplished yet. But this is the central purpose for the Equal protection Clause.

The privileges and immunities clause was intended to prevent?

The privileges and immunities clause was intended to prevent the citizens from any form of discrimination. The clause was aimed at providing equality for all.

Which amendments protect the right of women?

19th Also, the 14th was extended to include women in the Reed v. Reed Supreme Court case, where it was determined that sex discrimination violated the Equal Protection Clause.

Which clause in section 1 of the amendment forces government to treat all Americans citizens equally regardless of skin color?

The equal protection clause.

Identify the complete adjective clause in He is the one for whom the message was intended?

The adjective clause is in bold: "He is the one for whom the message was intended.", used to describe the predicate nominative 'one'.

In the American Constitution civil liberties issues arise under which clause?

The Equal Protection Clause.

What was the significance of the amendment XIV?

The 14th amendment to the U.S. Constitution has three clauses: the citizenship clause; the due process clause; and the equal protection clause. The citizenship clause essentially gave all blacks citizenship. The due process clause prevented state and local governments from denying persons (individual and corporate) of life, liberty and property without meeting certain requirements. The equal protection clause requires all states to provide equal protection to all individuals under its jurisdiction. The equal protection clause became the basis of the supreme court decision that dismantled racial segregation.

What is the nickname for the 14th amendment?

The nickname for the 14th amendment is the "Equal Protection Amendment."

In what two ways does the first amendment protect freedom of religion?

The Establishment Clause and the The Free Excercise Clause