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Q: The act of civil disobedience required only which of these?
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The act of civil disobedience required only?


What is the specific act of civil disobedience that gandhi is threatening to carry out?

making salt

What was the specific act of civil disobedience that Gandhi is threatening to carry out?

making salt

Why do you think gandhi tells lord irvin the he dreads carrying out an act of civil disobedience is civil disobedience a nonviolent tactic?

Gandhi tells Lord Irwin that he dreads carrying out an act of civil disobedience to emphasize the deep commitment and seriousness of the tactic. Civil disobedience is a nonviolent tactic used to peacefully protest unjust laws or policies by refusing to comply with them. Gandhi believed in the power of nonviolent resistance to bring about social change.

Is Chaining yorself to the courthouse door legal?

No. It is an act of civil disobedience (i.e.- you are DISOBEYING the law).

What was the purpose of Susan B Anthonys act of civil disobedience?

She wanted women to have the right to vote.

What would be the consequences if the act of civil disobedience was misused?

Misusing civil disobedience can lead to increased public disorder and lawlessness. It may also undermine the legitimacy of legitimate protests and jeopardize the effectiveness of civil disobedience as a tool for social or political change. Additionally, it can strain relationships between protestors and authorities, potentially leading to harsher crackdowns and repression.

How was the greensboro sit in a civil disobedience?

The Greensboro sit-in was a form of civil disobedience where African American students peacefully protested against racial segregation by sitting at a whites-only lunch counter. They remained seated despite being refused service, sparking national attention and inspiring similar protests across the country. This act was a key moment in the Civil Rights Movement.

What is the difference between a scofflaw and a person committing an act of civil disobedience?

A scofflaw is someone who habitually violates the law, often with contempt of the law (in general) and the legal/governmental system. Civil disobedience is a disagreement with a specific law or regulation through non-compliance.

What is civil disobedience and what did Thoreau dude that is an example of it?

Civil disobedience is the act of peacefully breaking a law or rule to protest against unjust or unfair government actions. Henry David Thoreau's refusal to pay taxes in protest against the Mexican-American War and slavery is an example of civil disobedience. Thoreau believed in the moral obligation of individuals to resist unjust laws through nonviolent protest.

When was the Civil Disobedience Movement launched during the Indian Freedom Struggle?

the 1928 movement of "Simon GO Back" in reply to the British Simon commission is arguably the first act of civil disobedience but the movement gained momentum with the "Dandi march" led by Mahatma Gandhi in 1930

When and where did Mark Twain act of civil disobedience take place?

Mark Twain's act of civil disobedience took place in 1885 in Hartford, Connecticut, where he refused to pay his taxes in protest against American imperialism and involvement in the Philippines.