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Full and open debate allows the public to weigh and choose among competing arguments.

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Q: The argument for a free press hinges on the idea that?
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What was Calhoun's argument?

i have no idea

An argument that focuses on a single important or main idea is called?

unified argument

What is an unsound argument?

An unsound argument is a theory or hypothesis that does not have a logical base. For instance, the idea that the sun revolves around the earth is an unsound argument.

How can you get a free photographer press cardID?

A good camera with tons of film and an idea what true beauty is.

What is a counter argument?

An argument (thesis,idea or theory) which is opposite to one already proposed. A counterargument is an argument, with factual evidence or other kinds of support, that challenges either your thesis or a major argument for it.

What advancement helped spread Luther idea?

the printing press helped spread his idea around.

What is an argument that starts from a specific idea to a general conclusion?


What is a major supporting ideas?

A major supporting idea is a key point or argument that provides evidence, examples, or details to back up a main idea or thesis statement. It helps to strengthen the overall argument and demonstrates the validity of the main idea.

In the book of Genesis Exodus and Leviticus what is the most important idea or argument in those books?

In the books of Genesis, Exodus and Leviticus, the most important idea or argument in these books is that "in the beginning, God created".

What is the main point in an argument is called?

The main point in an argument is called the thesis or the central claim. It is the primary message or idea that the argument aims to convey and support with evidence and reasoning.

Who idea was it to make the printing press?

Gutenberg of Germany invented the printing press.

An opening argument not only gives jurors a general idea of what the case is about but also gives them an idea of?

What to expect during the trial