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Q: The balance of power among the three branches of government is referred to as a system of blalances and what?
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What establishes 3 branches of government?

The Constitution established three branches of government for a check and balance system.

Balance of power?

3 branches of government of power were they divide

Why do you think the government has three branches?

The United States government has three branches because the Founding Fathers believed the branches would check and balance each other.

What system kept branches of government from gaining to much power?

checks & balance's

What should a government be like according to montesquieu?

It should contain 3 branches of government to balance each other out

Why did the delegates separate the government into 3 branches?

It helps the check and balance system to be more efficient.

What is the term for the split authority among the three branches of government?

I think it's check and balance

How does the system of check and balance affect the way the government works?

the government have to get laws passed by all the different branches of government before it gets passed

How did precedent of marbury v. Madison affect the balance of power in American government?

The decision upset the balance of power among the 3 branches

How does three branches of government relate to the cnmi?

CNMI stands for the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. Like other American territories, it has three branches of government that are meant to balance one another out.

What was the role of the judicial branch in the balance of power among the branches of the US government before Marberry vs Madison?

The role of the judicial branch in the balance of power among the branches of the US government before Marberry vs Madisob is to uphold the law and constitution of the land.

What does the system checks and balances ensure?

A system of checks and balance prevents any one branch of government from having a lot of power. All three branches of the government are kept in balance with a checks and balance system in place.