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it is monroe Doctrine

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Q: The exclusive statement of American policy that warned European powers not to interfere with the Americans was called the?
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What are American political beliefs and opinions?

No statement of political beliefs and opinions of 325 million people (Americans) can be true.Any statement of political beliefs and opinions will be true for some people (Americans).

Which statement BEST describes American policy towards Native Americans in the late 19th century?

Most Native Americans were practically forced to relocate to reservations.

What statement best describe the purpose of the American Liberty League?

A+To protect the U.S constitution and property rights of americans

Which sentence would be an effective thesis statement for a historical essay on the American industrial revolution?

The American industrial revolution had a major impact on Americans socially and economically.

What statement do Americans make as an oath of loyalty to US?

The Oath of Allegiance is an oath of loyalty made by American immigrants to the US.

Which best explains Thoreau's statement that American sit down with their hands in their pockets?

Americans are too afraid to speak out about the things they truly believe.

What does the constitution dictate about US trade with Indian Tribes of Native American nations?

The federal government has the exclusive right to engage in trade with Native Americans and write treaties. The individual states cannot.

What is meant by Americanization of the Indian?

Americanizing a Native American is by definintion a contradictory statement. Being the original inhabitants of the North American Continent i.e the original Americans, they cannot become Americanized through some process. What that statement may really be saying is "what does it mean to Europeanize a Native American". This refers to a process of loss of the Native American's "American" culture and identity through indocrination, re-education, and an environment of European cultures and values. The Native American loses their American identity, and adopts the identiy and culture of the Western Europeans. American today really means the descendents of Western Europeans, not Native Americans.

Is the name Moon a native American name?

Yes and No. The name is not exclusive to Native American's.

What statement about annexation Hawaii is true?

Because of American businessman's imperialist ambitions

Is it Americans or American's?

"Americans" is plural"American's" is singular possessive"Americans'" is plural possessive

The Declaration of Independence could best be described as a defining statement of American?

The Declaration of Independence could be described in may ways. There is no "best" one.It was a statement of American existenceIt was a statement of American identityIt was, and still is a statement of American hope for the country and for the people.And, of course, it can be described as a statement of American independence - the very reason for the existence of the document.