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The federal government should provide funding to raise teachers' salaries especially if the government wishes to encourage better teachers. This funding would help to increase the education levels in the entire country.

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Q: The federal government should provide funding to raise teachers' salaries?
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Which level of government would provide money for a state road?

Although the highway funding system is complex, the funding for maintaining a state road would typically be provided by the state government. States have a combination of local, state, and federal roads.

What is states had the power to ignore a federal tax law they did not like?

The federal government uses tax laws and funding to force the states to act in certain ways (drinking), if each state could ignore what the federal government says they would be eliminating its power.

The most important issues facing the new federal government?

The most important issues facing the new federal government were leadership and financing. As a new government, finding the right government was a difficult task. Funding this new government was also difficult without imposing taxes and meeting resistance.

Is the school board an executive branch of government?

No, it is a state branch. The city decides how it will district it's local public schools, and then elections are held in each school district for voters to elect who will be on the school board. The local school boards then report to their state's department of education, and the state's department reports to the Department of Education in Washington, D.C. Though it may seem like it's a branch of the federal government, it's only the federal funding that come from D.C. It is up to the state's to determine their standards and handles where the federal funding and state funding will go. This is why there is no national standard of education, only the No Child Left Behind act that determines the amount of federal funding given out.

What best describes how federalism changed as a result of President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs?

Federal funding of these programs allowed the federal government to direct states in administering them.-Apex

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What is problem with Jamaica's education?

Needs more funding and more attractive salaries to draw in talented teachers/admins.

How does federal government help state government?

They give them funding.

Do Catholic Charities receive federal funding?

No-this would be unconstitutional. There is some federal funding for school programs and for social services programs, however.

Hamilton's policy of having the federal government pay the financial?

funding and assumption

What body of the local government is responsible for hiring teachers building schools and balancing a budget?

Local government isn't involved in hiring teachers. Elected school board members in each district hire teachers. Funding is a combination of state and federal money. Any local money may come from a school bond voted on by voters and added to property taxes.

How is Federal funding to states like a carrot and a stick?

Many people may think this because it seems like states will have to continue to get federal funding when it starts. They may think that the government is directing the state by giving funding.

Money provided for government programs is called what?

funding It is simply called Federal Money.

Is the housing authority state or federal?

Housing authorities are instrumentalities of the state, although most receive funding from the Federal government.

Do schools fall under local or federal government?

Public schools fall under the local government. However, the Federal government apportions funding for the states, and by extension, the schools.

Government shutdown effect teachers?

A government shutdown can have several effects on teachers. Firstly, it can disrupt the funding for education programs and initiatives, potentially resulting in reduced resources and support for teachers in the classroom. Additionally, teachers employed by the government may face furloughs or salary delays, causing financial instability and potential disruption to their personal lives. Finally, a government shutdown can contribute to overall uncertainty and stress among teachers, affecting their morale and job satisfaction.

What is the governments role in education?

The federal government play a role in education by setting the curriculum standards to be met by school. The federal government also provides funding for schools.

Which levels of government provides funding for elementary and secondary education?

federal, state, and local governments