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state to foreign countries i guess between the two

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recognition of rights in and by different states

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state to foreign countries

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Q: The full faith and credit clause would apply mainly to relations between?
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How did 9.11 attacks impact international relations. Provide 3 arguments?

Whole books could be - and have been - written on this subject. But these impacts were, among others: - it got the US in a war with two nations, Iraq and Afghanistan, and toppled their leadership - it disturbed relations between the US and many of its allies, especially those who didn't support the US' policy of immediately invading these two countries. Especially relations between the US and France went to sub-zero levels for a while. - it severely disturbed relations between Turkey, Iraq and Iran, because each population group in Iraq - Shiite muslim, Sunni muslim an Kurd - sought help from their fellows in these countries to support them in their struggle for power and/or autonomy - even the present civil war in Syria can be seen as a continuation of the Shiite/Sunnite power struggle that began back then. 9/11 also impacted (through the US response) the relationship between Pakistan and Afghanistan and between Pakistan and the US, mainly because of the love/hate relationship that developed because of the US dependency on Pakistani logistical support, the drone attacks that are seen by Pakistan as a US infringement of Pakistani sovereignty and the almost take-over of many Pakistani districts by the Taliban.

Which refers to a series of Supreme Court rulings that used the 14th Amendment to protect basic rights of citizens from state governments?

The Privileges or Immunities clause of the 14th Amendment was meant to protect citizens from violation of rights due to state interference. This Clause prevents discrimination against people from out of state in regards to basic rights. They mainly focus on a person's right to own a living.

What agreement set the official border between Canada and the US?

Adams-Onis Treaty set the border between Spanish territories to the south and BC to the north, Borders were mainly set by the war of 1812 and later by Treaty of Ghent

What was important about ping-pong diplomacy?

It showed that China was open to better relations with the United StatesWhile sports were played in public, negotiations were made in secret.It allowed the United States and China to open the way for talks on more serious issues.

What was the Revolutionary War mainly about?

im don't no

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Another name for the Elastic Clause is the Necessary and Proper Clause.

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British: Had good relations with Natives. Colonies were self-governed. Came to North America only to establish colonies. Big population. Had religious freedom. French: No good relations with Natives. Came to North America mainly for fur and fish. Small population. Consisted of only upstanding Catholics.

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Cuba has diplomatic relations with mainly socialist nations, most notably Venezuela.

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