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Q: The goal of the American Revolution was equality?
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which goal was not stated in the “slogan of the revolution”?

liberty and equality

What was the primary goal of the revolution?

To establish equality between all three Estates and to advocate for liberty, equality and fraternity.

What other revolution influenced the French people desire for freedom and equality?

The American Revolution provided inspiration for the French Revolution.

What religious group believed in equality during the American revolution?


Was the American Revolution successful?

yes it was because they rrached their goal.

Why is the American revolution important in the worlds history?

it gave the world the idea of liberty,equality and fraternity

What brought about somewhat greater social and economical equality and the virtual end of slavery in the north?

The American Revolution

What were Jefferson's goal?

one of his goals were to restore the principles that the U.S before the American revolution

What goal was stated in the slogan of the revolution?

The French Revolution (1789-1793) attempted to establish a democratic government in place of the monarchy. Its goals were "Liberté, égalité, fraternité" (Liberty, equality, brotherhood), and one other that was not in the slogan : justice. For many, this meant social justice, freedom from rule by the aristocracy. But the excesses of the Reign of Terror, and the subsequent counter-revolution, left many peasants worse off despite the fall of the nobility.

What the goal of the women's Movement?


What was the goal of women rights?


Is economic equality an attainable goal?

it is ..................................................