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Q: The impact of improvements in technology and transportation on American citizens.?
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What kind of transportation does the community in The Giver?

The community in The Giver uses bicycles as their main mode of transportation. There are no cars or airplanes in their society, as the use of technology and personal choices are restricted to maintain control over the citizens.

Who is the intended audience for this primary source?

american citizens( Apex )

When was Chinese American Citizens Alliance created?

Chinese American Citizens Alliance was created in 1895.

What did Hammurabi's do for the people?

It helped kings to live more than before and the citizens had more peace with the improvements in society.

Do the American citizens have to put a chip under the skin?

No, American citizens do not have to put a chip under their skin.

What had stopped Puerto Ricans from becoming American Citizens?

Puerto Ricans ARE American Citizens, since 1917.

How many American citizens live in Israel?

There are approximately 200,000 American citizens living in Israel. They are a mix of immigrants, expatriates, and dual citizens.

What is the Constitution's Bill of Rights most concerned with?

the personal liberties of American citizens

When was League of United Latin American Citizens created?

League of United Latin American Citizens was created in 1929.

What is another word for immigrants who are now American citizens?

Naturalized citizens == ==

Why was the American governments perceptions of the Vietnam War so different the the American citizens?

They weren't doing the actual fighting, the citizens were.

Are Nastia Liukins parents American?

They are from Russia but are American citizens.