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Q: The lawmaking branch of government is what branch?
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What is the nation's lawmaking branch of government?

Legislative I know for sure!

Who is the lawmaking body of the federal government?

The Legislative Branch

Which branch of government has the responsibility to keep the lawmaking branch and public informed as to the state of the union?

executive branch

What dose legislature mean?

this is my best gess a lawmaking branch of government

What was the lawmaking body of government that the us modeled its legeslative branch on?

english parliament

What is the legislative branch of Illinois government called?

The Legislative branch is the lawmaking body of Illinois. Another name for the legislative branch or lawmaking body in Illinois is General Assembly.

What is the lawmaking part of british government?

The legislative branch, parliament, the monarch, the dictator and their cabinet, it depends on the form of government

The lawmaking functions of the federal government are performed by who?

Executive functions of the Federal Government are performed by the President, otherwise known as the Executive Branch.

What are facts about the Legislature?

The legislature is the lawmaking branch of government. It is called the Congress and it is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

What is the legislative branches nickname?

Lawmaking branch

In the lawmaking process king John agreed to consult The great council which a evolved into which branch of modern English government?


What is the name given to the legislative branch?

the lawmaking branch -LV