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Q: The legislator who introduces a bill is called the?
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The member of Congress who introduces a bill is referred to as what?


A member of Congress who introduces a bill is called its .?


A Congressperson who likes an idea and introduces it as a bill to Congress and speaks in favor of it is called?

a sponsor

Laws that a legislator wants to pass?

A Bill.

The sponsor of a bill is someone who .?

authors and/or introduces it

What is a one house legislator house called?


How do you use legislation in a sentence?

My legislator is preparing a bill to promote the construction of a new bridge.

What are the 3 levels of the judicial branch called?

Judiciary legislator exuiatave

An election where there is no sitting legislator running for reelection is called?

an open seat

What is the position of Hawaii State Senator Ron Kouchi on the pending bill to legalize same-sex marriage in Hawaii?

Mr. Green is endorsed by Equality Hawaii for his support of same-sex marriage.

Who introduces bill in the house of representatives?

Any member of the house

A speech that introduces a play is called?

It is a prologue.