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increased political power for ethnic minorities

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Q: The political reorganization of Russia after the Communist Revolution of 1917 resulted in?
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What political actions resulted from opposition to the war?

There were many political actions that resulted from opposition to the Vietnam War. These included political protest rallies and desertion to other countries.

What economic change resulted from the transportation revolution before the Civil War?

The northeast became better connected to the western section of the country

Why did the Eureka Rebellion occur?

The Eureka Rebellion was a mini revolution that occurred in Eureka, Ballarat, Victoria. It happened because mining taxes were to high and the miners felt that they had a right to vote and buy land. They then had a mini revolution which resulted in the death of 30 people.

A sentence for American Revolution?

The American Revolution resulted in the formation of the United States of America. Some historians consider serious errors by Parliament as the cause of the American Revolution.

Was Afghanistan communist?

Afghanistan was for a while ruled by a Communist Government when the Communist People's Democratic Party seized power in 1978 during the Saur Revolution. Almost immediately, the Communist take-over resulted in civil war. Without Russia's military intervention and backing until 1989, the Communists would haved been chased out of power by their fellow-Afghans in a matter of little over a year.The USA enthusiastically supported the rebels with billions in military aid, weapons which later were used to fight the USA itself after it invaded Afghanistan in the wake of 9/11.Basically, Afghanistan is and was nothing else but a fiercely independent country with loyalties to only fellow tribal and clan members and elders, an orthodox and sometimes fundamentalist Muslim faith and values that 'enlightened' Westerners often think Medieval, but that most Afghans - certainly in the rural areas - are happy to live with

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The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia?

The Russian Revolution resulted in Russia becoming a communist state.

A 1959 revolution resulted in a communist system being established in which Caribbean country?


Which situation resulted from the 1959 Cuban Revolution?

Cuba adopted a communistic economic and political system

After an internal reorganization in the Contracting Directorate a contract for base operations support has been transferred to you The reorganization resulted from a realignment of base functions w?

Partial termination for convenience

Why were Father Gapon's march and Bloody Sundays important?

Why were Father Gapon's march and Bloody Sunday important? They led to the communist-backed revolution of 1905. They resulted in the creation of soviets, or elected councils. They showed the power of the Russian Orthodox Church. They demonstrated Nicholas II's neglect of his people.

How did signing the treaty of brest litovsk help the communist regime in russia?

The signing of the treaty of Brest-Litovsk helped the communist regime in Russia in a great way. Once Russia surrendered, it marked the end of the Great War and Revolution which resulted in peace in the region.

The movement of 1919-1920 spawned by fear of Bolshevik revolution that resulted in the arrest and deportation of many political radicals?

red scare

What political upheavals resulted from enlightenment ideas?

Some political upheavals that resulted from Enlightenment ideas include the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Latin American independence movements. These movements were inspired by principles such as individual rights, equality, and the rejection of absolute monarchy. They led to the establishment of new democratic governments and the overthrow of traditional authoritarian rule.

Why did the Bolsheviks rename their party their party the communist party?

The Bolshevik Party under Vladimir Lenin renamed itself the Communist Party in March 1918 after the Russian Revolution. They did this because Lenin had outlawed all other political parties, especially the other Marxist/Communist ones. He felt that since the Bolsheviks were the only political party espousing communism and since there was no further reason to differentiate themselves from the Mensheviks, they should call themselves the Communist Party. So they did.

What did vladmir Lenin become known for?

Lenin is known for leading the October Revolution in Russia in 1917, which placed the country under communist rule. He is also known for maintaining control of the country by severe economic, political and military methods which resulted in the exile, imprisonment, starvation and execution of thousands of people.

The revolution of 1848 in France ultimately resulted in?

The French Revolution of 1848 ultimately resulted in the creation of the French Second Republic. This is also referred to as the February Revolution.

What ended the rules of the czars?

The February Revolution of 1917 resulted in the abdication of Tsar Nicholas II and the setting up of the Provisional Government.The February Revolution, not the October (Bolshevik/Communist) Revolution ended the rule of the Czars. Tsar Nicholas II abdicated the throne on March 2 (Russian calendar; March 15 on the western Gregorian calendar), 1917. The Bolshevik/Communist Revolution occurred eight months after the Tsar stepped down ending the rule of the czars.