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Q: The range or limit of authority or responsibility?
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What is the importance of responsibility?

Responsibility is an obligation /duty as mutual relationship from superiors or subordinates that be can performed individually or shared but cannot be delegated.With authority comes the importance of responsibility as social or administrative function. By accepting responsibility comes the accountability to those we are answerable . eg individuals,families, social institution or any organisation.

Can responsibility delegated?

Yes, responsibility can be delegated. An example: Even though the President of the United States is the head of the military, he does not manage every aspect of it. He delegates his authority over the military to his Secretary of Defense who then also delegates that authority to the many generals and admirals who manage the day to day functions of our great military.

What is a level of command responsibility?

Level of responsibility usually refers to the position (where a person works or his position with the company), authority (if the buck stops with that person), and sometimes age (children would not be responsible for their actions, usually).

When a commander or individual is assigned responsibility for coordinating specific functions or activities involving forces of two or more units it is referred to as?

coordinating authority

What are executive powers?

Executive powers are outlined in the Constitution. The executive branch of the government executes the law and has sole responsibility and authority for the administration of the country.

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What is parity of authority and responsibility?

Parity of Authority and Responsibility?

What is the Explanation of Authority can be delegated but responsibility can not be?

Authority to do something can be accepted by a subordinate but the responsicibilty remains that of the delegator. General Lee delegated authority for Picketts charge but knew he had to accept responsibility for the result. The responsibility to carry out the order requires that both parties have responsibility but the overall responsibility remains with delegator of the authority.

What is the difference between authority and responsibility in a business?

responsibility is that things which you must do

FHA is the responsibility of?

The FHA, or Federal Housing Authority is the responsibility of the Federal Government.

How does authority and responsibility work within the structure?

The authority in the organization resides with top individuals. Individuals with the most responsibility in an organization reside at the top of an organizational chart, as well.

In what ways are authority and responsibility related?

An example of authority and responsibility being related is a person with authority being responsible for a project completion. A project or job is likely to fall apart without some sort of authority figure structuring responsibilities to workers of said project.

How do responsibility and authority differ?

Responsibility refers to being accountable for a task or duty, while authority refers to the power or right to make decisions or give orders related to a particular domain. Responsibility is often given along with authority, but they can also exist independently of each other. In a leadership context, authority typically entails the ability to delegate responsibilities to others.

How do you deal with authority?

The more power the more responsibility Go

What are essentials of effective budgeting and its limitations?

authority, responsibility and realistic

What is the parity principle?

Authority and responsibility may often coincide.

Mention three responsibility of a constituted authority as written in the constitution?

A constituted authority figure has the responsibility of being impartial and promoting orderliness. They are also bound by the Constitution to be just in all decisions.

What does limit of authority mean?

Limit of authority is the decisions that certain staff members can make in a business. This includes exchanges and refunds. In certain situations, a staff member must confer with a higher level of authority, before taking a decision.