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The settlers chose the location site for Jamestown because they were concerned about defended themselves from attack from other ships. They were pleased to dock their own ships and found a good supply of fresh water in Jamestown.

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The English settlers who eventually settled Jamestown landed at Chesapeake Bay and sailed up the James River. The site of Jamestown was chosen because it was easy to defend. However, it was wooded and malarial.

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Q: The selection of a site for Jamestown was primarily based on the settlers?
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Plymouth Rock was the place where the first pilgrims landed in the New World. They fled England as a religiously persecuted Christian minority. There are a few main differences between the Jamestown settlers and the pilgrims of Massachusetts. First of all, the pilgrims brought their families to the New World; the settlers of Jamestown were by and large, investors that came without families. Even though the pilgrims arrived some 20 years after the first of the Jamestown settlers arrived in Virginia, the population of the pilgrims quickly outgrew Jamestown because of the presence of women and ever growing families. Secondly, Jamestown was all about getting rich in the New World. Those that came were generally well to-do and James Smith, their ad hoc leader, claimed the men would rather dig for gold than plant crops. Therefore, many of them starved to death. An early chronicler wrote that, "The first settlers (to Jamestown) were a quarrelsome band of gentlemen and servants." In the first year alone, 50% of the first 104 settlers were dead. In 1608 the first 2 women finally arrived and by 1610, with new recruits, the population was up to 400. However, after the "starving time" in the winter of 1610, all but 65 survived. By 1616, 80% of the settlers that had come in the preceding decade were dead. Lastly, from reading this, the reasons for coming to the New World were quite different. One group came for riches and the other group, the pilgrims, came to establish their own brand of Protestant Christianity in the New World. They came fleeing religious persecution. To answer the question then, the Jamestown settlers were based in a capital enterprise, while the pilgrims at Plymouth Rock were based in a religious enterprise.

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King James I granted a charter to the Virginia Company, a group of London-based entrepreneurs, in June of 1606. The charter granted the group the right to settle in the new world (North American continent), and found an English satellite colony there. The settlers landed on Jamestown Island on May 14th, 1607, and founded Jamestown on the banks of the James river, approximately 60 miles from Chesapeake Bay. Jamestown was the first settlement of English citizens, in what is now known as the United States of America.