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He wanted to keep revenues coming to England because they were in debt.

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Q: The tax programs of George Grenville were designed to?
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Who said ''I dare tax America''?

George Grenville

Who put a tax colonial newspaper?

I think it is George Grenville, if not well sorry

Who said You are cowards you are afraid of the Americans you dare not tax America?

George Grenville

Who passed a tax colonial newspapers?

Daughters of Liberty

What was George Grenville's first action against the colonies?

As Prime Minister of England, George Grenville was responsible for the Stamp Act of 1765, which taxed the American colonies. The colonists opposed the tax because their representatives had not been consulted about the Stamp Act.

Why did the british feel justified in beginning to levy taxes on the colonies after 1763 including the new stamp tax instituted by what prime minister?

Prime Minister George Grenville

What progressive reform was designed to provide fund for school and federal programs?

Graduated Income tax

Which progressive reform was designed to provide founds for school and federal programs?

Graduated income tax

How did George Grenville justify taxing the colonies?

His justification was that the Colonies share some of the tax burdensince many believed the the Seven Year's War had been started by the Colonies and fought on their behalf.

Why did the british use the Stamp Act?

George Grenville, King George III's chief minister, looked for various ways to raise money for the British Empire's lavish lifestyle, and to enforce the hold of authority over the American Colonies. In 1765, Grenville proposed a new kind of tax. The tax would be paid by purchasing a stamp that was then placed on the article. This act would require stamps on newspapers, legal documents, playing cards, ship's papers, and the like.

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