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because avocados are fruits

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Q: Three examples of how the constitution protects the proper balance of power?
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How does the constitution limit the presidents power to make the appointments and treaties?

The Constitution limits the president's power based on checks and balance.

What protects the head and back?

Proper equipment protects your head and back like helmets and padded suits.

Is the word Constitution a common or proper noun?

Unless referring to a specific document, for example the Constitution of the United States, constitution is a common noun.

Do you capitalize constitution hall?

Yes, it is a proper noun.

What part of the government makes necessary and proper laws?

Congress, "Necessary and proper" is straight for the Constitution.

What are some Examples of Necessary and Proper Clause?

The necessary and proper clause known as the Elastic Clause is a provision in Article One of the United States Constitution. An example of this is mandatory integration.

How does proper eating help achieve a balance for your body?

By Helping it

Where in the Constitution in the necessary and proper clause found?

Article one

What is the proper use of have and has?

Examples-He has a basketball. Do you have a basketball?

What part of the Constitution is the basis for this diagram?

The necessary and proper clause (I think don't quote me-)

How do you spell constitution?

That is the correct spelling of "constitution". The proper name (the US document) is always capitalized as Constitution. It is also the name of a famous US Navy vessel.

Can you give me examples of proper in sentence?

Here are some sentences.A proper sentence has a subject and a verb.Use proper etiquette at the party.