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Honesty, Integrity, Perseverance and Understanding of the masses

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Q: Three qualities for president
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What are the three qualities of an educated Filipino?

what are the three qualities of an educated filipino

What leadership qualities did president Kennedy and president Johnson share?

The qualities president Kennedy and president Johnson were, trying to help people in need and trying to get people in volved.

What are the qualities of the legislative branch?

had the congress headed by the vice president and president.

What important leadership qualities are important for success of the president?

There are many important leadership qualities that are important for a president to possess in order to be successful. A president has to be fair, stable, reasonable, responsible, and brave.

What qualities that both a general and a president have in common?


What were some of George Washington's qualities?

he was president and he was honest

What is the three qualities of lee kuan Yew?

I found out 6 qualities but here are 3 of them:leadership qualities loyaltyresponsibility

What is the three simple idea of John Locke?

(1) primary qualities.(2)secondary qualities(3)tertiary qualities

What are the qualities Jesus displays?

The three qualities Jesus showed were Love, compassion and forgiveness.

What qualities did George Washington display?

he was the 1st and only president

What three qualities should your verbs have?

Verbs should have the three qualities of being specific, engaging, and vivid. They can also be strong, lively, and concise.

What are three of Hephaestus best qualities?