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The power of government is delegated to the Legislature, Executive, and Judicial branch know as "checks and balances."

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Q: Three words to describe the system when different branches of government control important items.?
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The main topics of the US Constitution such as those which describe the branches of government are called the?

The main topics of the U.S. Constitution, such as those which describe the branches of government are called the ARTICLES of the Constitution.

How does Montesquieu describe the three branches of government?

suck adick

Enumarate and describe the difference branches of science?

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What term describe the division of government into three branches?

separation of powersSeparation of powers

Which constitutional principle describe the division of the power among the executive legislative and judicial branches of government?

Separation of Powers

What is biology and its branches and describe?

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life and living has different branches;morphology,cytology,botany,zoology and others.

What Constitution describe the branches of the government?

In the articles

Why did the pilgrims think it was important to write the Mayflower Compact?

They needed a form of government and had to describe how that government would work.

What statement describe the principle of checks and balances?

A statement that describes the principles of checks and balances is each branch of the government is given different powers to keep the other branch in check. This allows all branches to not gain power over the other one.

Enumerate the two main branches of physics and describe its sub branches?

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Describe how power in the Constitution was to be divided?

IT divided into 3 branches---legislative(congress) to make the bill,executive(president) to carry out the law,and the explain the law..... Answer....

Describe Checks and Balances?

Also known as a Seperation of Powers, the description of how our government cannot operate without all three branches. No one branch has supreme authority over another. Each branch has the power to approve or disapprove another's actions