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Personally reports to the president and prime-minister. The whole cabinet collectively reports to the lok-sabha.

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Q: To whom do cabinet members report?
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Whom do federal agencies report?

cabinet or cabinet secretary

To whom do federal agencies report?

cabinet or cabinet secretary

What is the postition under the cabinet members in the executive branch of your government called?

The cabinet officers have under secretaries that report to them.

What is the relationships between the president and his cabinet staff?

Cabinet members can meet with the president, can discuss issues at cabinet meetings, and send memos to the president. The frequency of meetings depends on the president and the circumstances .

Are members of the Cabinet directly responsible to the President or the legislative branch?

Cabinet secretaries report directly to the President and serve at his discretion. Their appointments do have to be approved by the US Senate.

Who are Jimmy Carter's cabinet members?

Who were Jimmy Carter's cabinet members

What are Canadian cabinet members called?

Members of the Canadian Cabinet are called Cabinet ministers (not all ministers necessarily sit in Cabinet).

What is the title of cabinet members of Canada?

it is the i don't know title for the cabinet members

Chester a Arthur's cabinet members?

who was chesters key members of hid cabinet

What is the number of members in the UAE's cabinet?

There are a total of 24 members in the U.A.E cabinet. :)

Where do cabinet members work?

Cabinet members typically work in government buildings such as the White House or the relevant government department's headquarters. They also attend cabinet meetings, which are usually held in the White House or in other locations designated by the president.

What branch of U.S government does the cabinet report to?

The cabinet reports to the President. (actually they are supposed to report to the president, but they actually report to the Federal Reserve.)